Lancome vs Estee Lauder

Lancome VS Estee Lauder: Differences, Similarities & Which One Is Right For You

If you’re looking for a light, airy products that make your skin look great but also don’t leave that heavy made-up feeling on your skin, then both Lancome and Estee Lauder are up for the task.

However, there are some subtle differences between the two so it’s worth a comparison to see which one would suit you best.

Lancome & Estee Lauder’s History

Lancome is a slightly older brand than Estee Lauder, launching its first product in 1935 in France.

The brand was founded by Armand Petitjean and initially focused on perfumes. However, a few years later, the skincare range became incredibly popular and now the company is known for both beauty products. 

The company was bought out by L’Oreal in 1964, but still brands its most popular products under the Lancome name. 

Estee Lauder, though the name sounds French, is actually an American company founded by Estee Lauder and her husband Joseph in 1946.

The company is a little younger than its predecessor Lancome, however, it’s had just as much success in the skincare market. 

They still brand as Estee Lauder and the first-ever shop on Saks Fifth Avenue is still open today. 

Lancome vs Estee Lauder in General

  • Estee, who founded Estee Lauder, was one of the first people to discover that a skin care range throughout the night was the best method to repair the skin. 
  • The Lancome brand was initially set up to offer high-end and long-lasting fragrance ranges and that’s what they’re still famous for today. 
  • Lancome do make some great skincare products, though some of these are now marketed under the L’Oreal brand name. 
  • Estee Lauder market a fantastic range of products specifically formulated for sensitive skin. 
  • Though neither brand is totally cruelty free, Estee Lauder is making great leaps toward this. 

Lancome vs Estee Lauder Skin Types

While both brands are highly sought after, Lancome is known to be highly fragranced, originating from a fragrance company, that’s their USP.

However, this can mean that some of the products aren’t the best for sensitive skin in comparison to the less fragranced and slightly more natural Estee Lauder. 

Estee Lauder is also more of a casual brand. They make products for everyday use, catering to different skin types and regimes. If you don’t like one product, there are always others that will suit your needs. 

However, with Lancome, they operate more of a beauty and skincare package. Marketing a range of products to use all in one skin care regime.

You may have a face wash, serum and moisturizer that are designed to work together for a certain skin type, compelling many customers to buy all 3 to get the maximum effect. 

The Cruelty-Free Issue

The issue that many people have with both brands is that neither is completely cruelty-free at this stage, so this means that people may avoid them.

Both companies are taking steps toward correcting this. However, so far, Estee Lauder seems to be making greater strides. 

Lancome vs Estee Lauder Moisturizer

It’s important that moisturizer provides a barrier to stop moisture from escaping your skin, but also protects you from external, moisture-removing forces, such as the sun.

For this reason, a good moisturizer must have an SPF rating to offer that extra layer of protection. 


Estee Lauder Daywear SPF15 and Lancome Bienfait Moisturizer SPF30 are both excellent solutions to the best moisturizer question. They provide a light, even covering which provides moisture consistently throughout the day. 

Both moisturizers also last for up to 24-hours with a single application, so don’t need to be reapplied before bedtime. They’re meant for casual day wear and give a lasting barrier to the sun, even in the height of summer. 


The obvious difference here is the SPF units. The Lancome moisturizer protects the skin from more of the sun’s rays, therefore making it slightly better for more sensitive or paler skin.

However, the difference in SPF numbers isn’t as wide as you might think, with the SPF15 only protecting from 4% less of the sun’s rays than the SPF30. 

Due to the slightly thicker nature of the Bienfait moisturizer, this is better for people who might feel more comfortable with less makeup, as it is slightly heavier.

It has an antioxidant effect on the skin, using vitamin E, vitamin CG, and vitamin B5 to leave a smooth, soft texture even without makeup. It works for all skin types and is adaptable, depending on how much you use it.

Because of the higher SPF, it can also double as sunscreen. 

Whereas the SPF15 by Estee Lauder can easily be worn throughout the day underneath makeup and still provide protection and moisture throughout the day.

It gives a blast of hydration and continues to hold in moisture all day. It can be a little overpowering for oily skin though. 

As a thicker moisturizer providing more protection from the sun, the Lancome product works well to lock in the moisture for longer and has anti-aging properties. 

Lancome vs Estee Lauder Face Wash

Estee Lauder was one of the first brands to recognize the importance of washing your face each morning. Overnight, your skin takes the opportunity to repair itself and regenerate new and healthier-looking skin cells.

This means that you need to wash your face each morning to remove any dead cells that are left behind. It gives you a more radiant and younger appearance. 

Estee Lauder’s Perfectly Clean Multiaction Foam Cleanser and Purifying Mask is a step in the right direction when it comes to making products that contain more natural ingredients.

Estee Lauder launched this product filled with natural botanicals that doubles up as a face wash cleanser and a face mask depending on how long you leave the foam on for.

It’s a great 2-in-1 product that helps to remove dead cells and freshen the skin each morning. 

It’s perfect for combination skin types and works to keep the skin free from oil and clean throughout the day, even after use. 

Lancome’s Gel Eclat is a foaming gel cleanser is made to resurface the skin and is typically marketed as part of the anti-aging skincare range.

It uses lactic acid to remove dead cells and promote extra blood flow under the skin to give you a more youthful and radiant appearance. 


Both the Gel Eclat and the multiaction foam cleanser work to resurface the skin, removing dead cells and using vitamin E and antioxidants to give a healthier and oil-free appearance. 

Both face washes are designed to be used twice a day, once before bed and once in the morning. This gives the maximum effect for the day ahead. 


The Lancome face wash has a floral fragrance, powered by rose oil to help remove excess oil from the skin. However, this can be a little too powerful for sensitive skin.

It is also specifically designed for anti-aging purposes and should be accompanied by their anti-aging range according to their branding. 

The Estee Lauder alternative is much more flexible and can be used on its own as a casual wash. The lighter fragrance also makes it a little kinder to sensitive skin. 

For these reasons, the Estee Lauder multiaction, with its all-round uses and kinder ingredients tends to be the favorite for the wider audience.

However, if it’s anti-aging properties that you’re looking for, then Lancome may be the better choice.  

Lancome vs Estee Lauder Serum for Aging Skin

Serums are the next level of skincare which provides extra nutrients and moisturizing properties when your skin needs it most. 

Estee Lauder offers an Advanced Night Repair serum while Lancome has their Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate. Both serums use natural ingredients and are largely free from harmful sulfates and parabens. 


Both serums are filled with excellent probiotics and hyaluronic acid to help nourish and increase blood flow under the skin to provide consistent coloration of the skin and reduce fine lines.

Both serums make the skin appear smoother and more radiant even after just a few days of use. 

While both products achieve a more youthful appearance, Estee Lauder’s version operates with collagen and tripeptide-32 which maintains the skin’s elasticity.

It’s a great product to use ahead of time before the skin starts to age too much. 


Whereas the Lancome variation works using prebiotics to preserve the microbiomes in your skin. This gives you a youthful and more radiant appearance as you get a little older. 

Both products are likely to achieve the natural, youthful appearance that you’re looking for.

However, the Genifique by Lancome isn’t fragrance-free and does contain oils. This means it’s not the best for already oily skin types. 

The Estee Lauder night repair cream is mostly unscented and is a better fit for people who might have allergies or sensitive skin. 

Lancome vs Estee Lauder Foundation

Both Lancome and Estee Lauder offer a seamless foundation in multiple color shades which allows for a filtered look without a heavy covering.

The main contender from Lancome is the Teint Idole while Estee Lauder’s product, Double Wear is equally as sought after. 


Both foundations get great reviews on application as they’re easy to add and touch up and are amazing at covering imperfections. 

The Double Wear by Estee Lauder is typically a favored foundation for oily skin, offering a mattifying, smooth look. It’s heat and sweat-resistant so humidity isn’t a problem, and it lasts for up to 24 hours with no need for a refresh.


The Teint Idole by Lancome is best for people with sensitive or damaged skin as it is designed specifically to cover over imperfections without giving a heavy layer of covering which gets stuck in pores.

It also lasts for up to 24-hours with no powdering or touch-ups required and doesn’t transfer to clothes.

Both foundations offer great coverage and a range of options, however, oily skin is a much more common problem for many people and typically, most foundations will cater to sensitive skin to some extent.

For this reason, the Estee Lauder foundation comes out as the favorite. 


Taking everything into consideration, Lacome offers fantastic products for anti-aging and they’re the best bet if that’s what you’re looking for. 

However, Estee Lauder offers a much more rounded range of products that are great for everyday use and work for sensitive skin, so overall, they do tend to come out on top. 

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