About Us

Welcome to Nifty Wellness!

Thank you for giving us a visit. We guess you want to know a bit about us so we’ll try to provide something approximating an exciting story.

We’re a small alternative natural health blog based in Romania, although our writers and editors come from all over the world. Our mission is perfectly and simply put within our name.

We want to provide nifty ways to improve your wellness. Whether it’s your physical health or mental health, not every problem should be, or even could be, fixed with synthetic pharma drugs.

In fact, many of the issues we cover, such as anxiety, inflammations, free radicals, and more, can be treated much more effectively in natural ways, whether these are roots, herbs, kinds of honey, teas, essential oils, etc. etc.

These completely natural products heal your body in ways that even pharma drugs can’t provide. And best of all, they never hurt it (your body). So dive in, and start living a healthier life, in Nifty ways.

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Send us an email to: [email protected]