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Kerastase vs Pureology: Differences, Similarities & Which One Is Right For You

Many brands on the market can help you with dry, thinning, and damaged hair. Kerastase and Pureology are two of the most well-known brands in the game (and for good reasons). 

Both brands offer shampoos, conditioners, and deep oil treatments that will bring dull hair back to life. 

However, when it comes down to Kerastase vs Pureology, which is best for thinning hair, dry scalp, all hair types, and uses natural ingredients as part of their product development process? 

Who has the best shampoos and hairsprays? Read on to discover the answers to these questions.

Kerastase vs Pureology Thinning Hair

Kerastase vs Pureology for Thinning Hair

Thinning hair signifies that your hair is unhealthy and damaged. Your roots are not strong, which leads to hair loss. Finding a brand specializing in treating and preventing thinning hair can be difficult. 

You may even have to speak with a hair specialist if the situation is severe. However, there are some bottle ready solutions on the market. 

Kerastase Intensive Scalp Treatment for thinning hair helps men and women prevent thinning hair and reverse the effects of hair loss. 

The scalp treatment is a daily spray applied to your scalp to prevent hair thinning. As you begin to use the spray, take note of any scalp burning or irritation, if that happens, immediately stop using the product.

Pureology Hydrate Sheer Shampoo is formulated for fine and thinning hair. The shampoo is created to bring life to brittle hair. The shampoo replenishes and hydrates your hair to help you get to a thicker and fuller head of hair.

Honestly, when it comes to hair thinning, both brands can work together. Pureology when you take a shower, and Kerastase right afterward.

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Kerastase vs Pureology Best Scalp Care

Kerastase vs Pureology Best Scalp Care

Your scalp is the foundation for your hair roots and strands. A healthy scalp leads to strong and beautiful hair. Keep your scalp clean to keep dandruff, psoriasis, and other conditions at bay.

The Kerastase Extentioniste Serum contains ceramides that help to wake up your hair follicles for growth. The amino acid creatine is also used to help protect your scalp. The serum should be used three times per week for best results.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner is created to hydrate your scalp while not stripping color-treated hair. The products will keep your hair vibrant and bring moisture to a dry and irritated scalp.

Kerastase offers a way more potent and effective solution here, so if that’s what you’re going for, go for Kerastase.

Kerastase vs Pureology Hairspray

Kerastase vs Pureology Hairspray Battle

Using hairspray is one of the best ways to keep your hair in place, even during the windiest of weather. Hairspray can also be used to moisturize your hair. However, using a hairspray daily can also lead to hair loss.

If you are frequently using a hairspray, remember to shampoo and condition your hair to keep the spray residue from staying on your hair for long periods.

Kerastase has a variety of hairsprays that offer volume, frizz control, and extra hold for your hair. The sprays are lightweight, so they do not leave a residue like other hairsprays.

Pureology has a variety of hairsprays that offer protection from the wind, finishing sprays, supreme hold, and lock it down sprays that give customers a number of choices for their hair.

Kerastase wins in this case simply for their lightweight products; they don’t feel so overbearing as other hairsprays are, including Pureology.

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Kerastase vs Pureology Shampoo

Kerastase vs Pureology Shampoo Showdown

Kerastase offers over ten varieties of shampoos that are meant to resolve your hair problems. They have shampoos for dry hair, frizz, scalp protection, weak hair strands, and many other common problems that will help revitalize your hair for growth.

Pureology shampoos are sulfate-free with 100% vegan ingredients. Their shampoos are some of the best on the market and are well-renowned for luxury hair care. A lot of people trust Pureology shampoo for hair loss problems as well.

Quite honestly, both products go for different markets, so it’s entirely up to you. If you prefer natural vegan products, go for Pureology. If you prefer more potent products that work for various issues, go for Kerastase.

Kerastase vs Pureology Conditioner

Kerastase vs Pureology Conditioner Comparison

Kerastase offers a variety of conditioners that work on different hair problems. The conditioners are safe for daily use and will help put nutrients and vitamins in your hair that are needed. 

Pureology has a variety of conditioners that are made with essential oils and vegan-based natural ingredients. There are different types of conditioners to help you resolve your hair care issue. 

Pureology products are milder and may be best for people who have allergic reactions to harsh chemicals. So they definitely win here.

Kerastase vs Pureology Natural Ingredients

Kerastase vs Pureology Natural Ingredients Comparison

Kerastase products use water as their only natural ingredient. The brand uses emollients, cleansing agents, solvents, surfactants, and emulsifiers to create its products. Basically, a lot of chemicals.

Pureology, on the other hand, use many different natural extracts and essential oils. Aloe is a key ingredient used in creating Pureology products. They rarely, if at all, use chemicals.

So, if you prefer natural products, go for Pureology.

Kerastase vs Pureology Deep Oil Treatment

Kerastase vs Pureology Deep Oil Treatment Comparison

Kerastase Elixir Ultime Deep Treatment Hair Care is a three-piece oil treatment set that is meant to bring dull hair to life. The products are meant to be used after using the shampoo and conditioner.

Pureology Superfood Treatment delivers essential nutrients to your hair via key ingredients like avocado and coconut oils. The treatment offers deep conditioning for damaged, dry, color treated hair. You may use the Superfood Treatment product once per week for best results.

Pureology wins in this one simply for the super natural approach, which, evidently, works.


Kerastase uses emollients, solvents, surfactants, and water, their only natural ingredient. Pureology products are 100% vegan, sulfate free and use essential oils like avocado and coconut oils as ingredients. 

So, it basically comes down to, which approach do you prefer? I prefer the more natural approach, but some have no problem with certain chemicals and that’s entirely fine.

They do a great job at some things, way more effectively than natural products.

Note: you may need to speak with a hair care specialist to see what products will work best for your unique haircare issue. 

Remember to view all of the products in the Kerastase and Pureology brands to ensure that you are purchasing the products that will work best for your unique needs. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use Kerastase and Pureology products together?

Absolutely, you have the freedom to combine Kerastase and Pureology products in your hair care regimen. While both Kerastase and Pureology have a plethora of high-quality hair-care products, it is important to choose products that suit your specific hair requirements. To achieve the best outcomes, follow the recommended usage guidelines for each product diligently to promote the health and beauty of your hair.

Are Pureology products suitable for all hair types?

Certainly! In an attempt to cater to the unique needs & requirements of people with different hair types, Pureology offers a diverse range of products for all. Whether you have fine, colour-treated, curly, or any other hair type, Pureology has specially formulated products to address your specific concerns. From essential nourishment to hydration and protection, Pureology products are made to serve people across the diverse spectrum of hair types.

Does Kerastase test on animals?

Kerastase, a brand owned by L’Oréal, claims to be committed to ending animal testing and ensuring the safety of its products without harming animals. As a brand that follows safe practices, Kerastase proudly claims to be cruelty-free. You can confidently use Kerastase products knowing that they prioritize ethical practices and the well-being of animals. In short, no, Kerastase does not conduct animal testing.

Which brand offers more eco-friendly packaging?

Both Kerastase and Pureology have taken steps towards eco-friendly packaging. In line with Loreal’s Vision 2030, Kerastase offers refillable options, reducing plastic waste. On the other hand, Pureology emphasizes sustainability by using 95% post-consumer recycled materials in product packaging. To determine which brand currently offers more eco-friendly packaging, it’s advisable to review both brands’ websites or contact their customer service for the most up-to-date information on their sustainability efforts.

Are these brands available internationally?

Yes, both Kerastase and Pureology are internationally available. You can find their products in various countries around the world. Kerastase, as part of the L’Oréal Group, has a global presence, and you can explore their international availability on the L’Oréal website. Similarly, Pureology’s official website also indicates its international presence, making their products accessible to customers in different regions globally.

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