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Dove VS Olay: Differences, Similarities & Which One Is Right For You

Both Dove and Olay are popular brands of facial soap. They are both sold in almost every store, and they both promise to cleanse your skin, protect it, and make it look younger.

So which one is better? Well, that depends on what you’re looking for. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of using Dove vs Olay.

Olay & Dove History


Dove is a soap product line. Initially, production began in 1955 by Unilever as one of their beauty soap brands, and it still exists today. 

Dove was the first soap to be put on the market that claimed to do things such as moisturize or even reduce wrinkles. 

The original Dove soap had a plain white outside and pink inside.

In the 1990s, Dove launching was to compete against Olay in the “anti-aging” soap market, and Dove has been a competitor of Olay ever since. 

Besides soaps, Dove also produces body washes, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and facial cleansers.


Olay is a skincare product line. The Lever Brothers Company originally produced it in South Africa as Oil of Olay, and it still exists today.

We created oil of Olay to compete against other products containing harsh chemicals that were used to treat skin.

The original Oil of Olay had plain white packaging with blue writing on it. In the mid-1960s, we introduced Oil of Olay in the United States and Canada.

Now, Olay is a competitor of Dove in the “anti-aging” beauty product market. 

Besides skincare products such as lotions and facial cleansers, Olay also produces bar soap and body wash.

Dove VS Olay Similarities

  • There is a significant similarity in product names- both products use “light” as part of their name (Dove Light, Olay light). Using similar names can lead to confusion, especially if customers try to purchase one vs the other online. 
  • Both companies try to convince customers they are offering a high-quality skincare product, but there isn’t that much difference between the two brands besides price and perhaps scent/moisturizer consistency.
  • They both offer similar skincare solutions for common problems. 

Dove VS Olay Moisturizers

Dove Moisturizers contain Vitamin E, but Olay contains Amino-Peptide Complex to prevent collagen breakdown. 

Therefore, Dove is slightly less effective at preventing aging than Olay. 

Both products claim their moisturizers are non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and hypoallergenic (won’t cause an allergic reaction).

Dove’s “Sensitive Skin” bar, however, also contains oatmeal, making it ideal for people with dry skin conditions that lead to itchiness or rashes. 

Olay’s Oil-Free Acne Treatment kit contains a cleanser and toner with Salicylic acid to remove excess oil from the skin to prevent acne breakouts while treating existing pimples.

This type of product is more readily available than its equivalent in Dove products. 

Dove VS Olay Makeup Removers

Olay is one of the top brands out there. It’s not surprising that we know it worldwide for its beauty products. 

If you are looking for a makeup remover to keep your face clean, leaving no residue or dry skin behind, you might immediately think Olay is what you need.

However, both these brands offer high-quality beauty products that could fit into your budget easily. These are both trusted by women all over the world to help them achieve the look they want without paying too much for it.

One of the key differences between these two companies is that Dove offers some of their beauty products in larger sizes than Olay. If you are looking for a good deal for your money, this might interest you more.

Another difference is the smell. Some people prefer one over the other because of this factor. Dove has milder scents, while Olay offers stronger ones. 

You can choose based on your preference, or if you have sensitive skin, certain smells might irritate you.

However, both brands do not leave behind residue after using their products and effectively remove all makeup traces. 

This makes it easy to use just one product for removing your makeup at night before going to bed, no matter how long or hard you are wearing it.

Dove VS Olay For Babies

There are so many products out there for babies that it can be overwhelming when you have to choose just the right product that is gentle with your little one’s skin and get them clean so that they won’t break out in a rash.

Dove says their baby line is dermatologist approved, helping to maintain soft skin without causing irritation or flakes. 

With Dove Baby Wash & Shampoo, you can keep your little one’s hair clean without worrying about any negative or hardness that is found elsewhere. 

Dove’s hypoallergenic formula is free of dyes and will not dry the skin, as it helps to keep your baby’s delicate balance intact.

Olay states that their product comes with a gentle cleanser along with revitalizing moisture, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin who suffer from redness and rashes. 

This moisturizing body wash leaves your baby’s skin feeling soft without being too oily or dry.

Dove VS Olay Shampoos

Olay has a habit of making quality products for every skin/hair type. They also come up with various ranges available in the market, which indeed is a competitive advantage over any other brand. 

We know Dove for its best shampoo, conditioner, and body washes, and they recently came out with their range of Olay-like facial care products as well.

With matching your skin/hair type, Olay has quite many options to choose from, whereas Dove has only less than 10. 

To be specific, there are certain ingredients in the formula which give you the best results under specific conditions only-same as most other brands like Garnier, Nivea, etc. 

But if Dove can maintain this variety, it can be an edge over others.

Dove VS Olay Prices And Availability

You’ll find Dove at virtually any store and for affordable prices.

For Olay, it’s a bit trickier to get and there are really no set prices because there are so many types of Olay products. 

Most pharmacies like Walmart or Target carry their own brand of Olay for less than $10 per bottle (4 oz). 

However, if you go to a professional skincare store like Ulta, they have the same product for anywhere between $20-$40 per bottle (4 oz)


In this blog post, we’ve discussed the differences between the two brands and the products they offer. 

We also went over how Dove has maintained a strong standing in their market for decades because of its focus on using natural ingredients that are both gentle and effective. 

Meanwhile, Olay’s product line focuses on beauty treatments that require invasive surgery or harsh chemicals. 

If you’re looking to purchase skincare products from a company with an ethical stance towards women’s health, then it may be time to switch your allegiance from Olay back to one of America’s favorite skincare companies – Dove.

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