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7 Passion Fruit Tea Benefits For Anxiety, Diabetes & More

Passion fruit is the jelly-like, fresh and sweet (yet tart), weird looking fruit that people either love or love to hate. It comes from southern Brazil and is packed with nutrients that benefit our bodies. Luckily, passion fruit tea benefits the body in many similar ways.

So if next time you can’t be bothered to go get some passion fruit. Or you’re unable to. Or it’s just cold outside and you want a nice warm drink instead of a fruit. Consider passion fruit tea.

Let’s go over the benefits and show you why!

Passion Fruit Tea Benefits

Reduce Anxiety & Depression

passion fruit tea benefits for anxiety

One of the biggest benefits passion fruit tea offers is soothing anxiety and depression. That can be attributed to passion fruits’ high alkaloids content.

Studies show that plant alkaloids have strong anti-depressant and anti-anxiety effects. Giving the warm relaxing drink a whole new meaning. As you will not only be comforted by the drink itself, but the alkaloids will relax your body and mind.

Boost Digestion & Metabolism

passion fruit tea benefits for digestion

Passion fruit contains fiber, potassium, iron, and many different vitamins. And while not all of those nutrients will transfer into tea form, you can definitely expect some of them.

That means that the tea will improve your digestive systems’ health, as well as metabolic effectivity.


antioxidant rich foods
Antioxidant Rich Foods

Passion fruits are filled with antioxidants. And unlike the other nutrients we talked about in the last point, antioxidants transfer into tea form quite easily.

That means you can expect a good antioxidant boost when drinking passion fruit tea. If you’re not sure what’s the role of antioxidants, they do the following:

  • Keeping body systems healthy
  • Improving blood flow
  • Reducing cellular stress
  • Reducing inflammation

Immune System Boost

passion fruit tea benefits for the immune system

One of the vitamins that passion fruit is abundant with is vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body absorb more iron, thus resulting in a stronger immune system. It also improves the body’s ability to fight infections.

Just another little way in which passion fruit tea benefits the body.

Improves Insulin Sensitivity

passion fruit tea benefits for Insulin

Certain studies done in recent years found that passion fruit contains a compound called “piceatannol”. It is a metabolite that is also found in red wine, white tea, and Japanese knotweed.

Piceatannol mostly affects glucose-metabolism, as well as insulin sensitivity. Those are two amazing ways in which passion fruit tea benefits the body. Especially if you’re struggling with reducing your blood sugar levels.

The effects of piceatannol were also found to improve blood pressure, heart rate, inflammation, oxidative stress, and mood.

Better Heart Health

passion fruit tea benefits for heart health

Passion fruit benefits heart health in two different ways. Both of which we’ve already mentioned actually.

The first being its high potassium contents. Potassium is associated with good heart health. It can normalize blood pressure, thus improving overall cardiovascular health.

The second being the piceatannol we’ve mentioned in the previous point. It plays a healthy role in regulating blood pressure and heart rate. Two key elements to having a healthy heart.

May Help Reduce Cancer

potential benefits for cancer
potential benefits for cancer

Passion fruit tea contains antioxidants as we’ve mentioned. These compounds fight free radicals that sometimes develop into cancer. It also contains vitamin A, flavonoids, as well as other compounds that were all found to possibly fight cancer (1),(2).

It also contains vitamin C, which is yet another powerful antioxidant that can fight dangerous free radicals.


Passion fruit tea is tasty, relaxing, and full of unique and extraordinary health benefits. It’s the perfect drink for a rainy evening. Or perhaps even a hot summer afternoon if you drop a few ice cubes in it.

It’s a really great drink and the verdict is.. We recommend it!

If you’re looking for another surprisingly healthy tasty thing, check out our article about the health benefits of plums!

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