Lumispa VS Clarisonic

Lumispa VS Clarisonic: Differences, Similarities & Which One Is Right For You

As two of the most popular electric facial cleansing brushes on the market, Lumispa and Clarisonic are often compared. So, which one is better? 

In this blog post, we’ll inspect both brushes and compare their features, so you can decide for yourself which one is right for you. Stay tuned!

About Clarisonic

Clarisonic is a high-end skincare brand that, like its parent company L’Oreal, got known for its innovation and research of the most effective products on the market. 

Founded in 1994, Clarisonic created what they call “sonic technology” (a sonic frequency sweeping over 300 movements per second), which uses water pressure to deeply cleanse the skin. 

They released their first product in 2004, which was basically their patented sonic technology housed within a manual cleansing brush. 

That developed into the now-popular Mia 1, which uses batteries to transport the sonic power rather than your hands and includes two speeds for gentle or deeper cleaning.

About Lumispa

Lumispa (Lumi: light SP: spa) is a brand that specializes in high-end, salon-grade skin and body care products using microalgae as the key ingredient. 

We found them in 2011, but did not release their first product until 2012. Their flagship product is Lumispa Microderm, which is a micro-algae-infused exfoliating serum that treats the skin (brightening, ant-aging, acne treating, etc.). 

They’re known for their advanced research and use of top-notch ingredients. Lumispa first product got released in 2012.

In 2013, the company announced a collaboration with Japanese brand Shiseido for a high-end skincare line known as “Lumish.” 

A new Lumispa product was released under that brand name (LUMISPA SHISEIDO Brightening Masks) and sold only through select Shiseido locations. 

Like Clarisonic, Lumispa is owned by the parent company L’Oreal.

 Lumispa VS Clarisonic Similarities

  • We consider both to be the best at their respective tasks.
  • They are both relatively expensive.
  • Both are very relaxing to use.
  • They are both effective.
  • They both require replacement brush heads for regular use. 
  • They both come with rechargeable batteries, which can get charged via a USB cable or a wall mount charger.
  • They both need special brush head attachments in order of work

1) We Consider Both to be the Best At their Respective Tasks

Skincare specialists and dermatologists alike considered both devices to be best in class. The Clarisonic has gotten “the most innovative, advanced cleansing system ever” by Allure Magazine, while the Silk’n Flash&Go is often touted as being “more effective than lasers”.

2) They are Both Relatively Expensive.

The Lumispa facial brush retails for $199 US while the Clarisonic brush heads retail for $24-$29, depending on which type you get.

3) Both are Very Relaxing to Use.

People that have used both say that they find both devices very soothing and relaxing to use. 

One blogger who uses the Clarisonic says “I don’t know why it took me so long to buy one” while another concurs, saying “The actual act of massaging the product in my skin is quite pleasant, actually”. The Lumispa facial brush comes with a range of spa like settings for different needs (i.e., massage mode).

4) They are Both Effective.

Both devices are extremely effective at cleansing the skin. One blogger says “my pores appear smaller after using it.” Another agrees, saying “I could see the difference in my pores…they definitely looked smaller.” 

The effect of the Flash&Go is even more dramatic with another blogger stating “I could never go back to a manual face brush again” and that they were “amazed by the effects of just one use”.

5) They Both Require Replacement Brush Heads For Regular Use.

The Clarisonic brush heads cost $29 each, while Lumispa facial brush heads cost $10 each (buy 3, get 1 free). Both companies offer discounts for purchasing in bulk.

6) They Both Come With Rechargeable Batteries Which Can Get Charged via a USB Cable or a Wall Mount Charger.

Both these devices come with rechargeable batteries, which means you do not need to get constantly purchase new batteries. 

The Clarisonic battery charge for between 30-60 minutes while the Flash&Go Express uses a two-hour charge cycle.

7) They Both Need Special Brush Head Attachments In Order of Work.

The Lumispa facial brush comes with 4 different brush heads depending on one’s skin type or needs (i.e., acne, anti-aging). 

The Clarisonic facial brush also comes with 6 different brush heads, but they use these depending upon skin type & skin concerns (i.e., an antimicrobial Brush Head for oily/acne prone skin).

Lumispa VS Clarisonic For Anti-Aging

Clarisonic is a long-time favorite in the beauty community and has changed many women’s lives and routines. 

The brush head’s innovative sonic power helps clean pores and exfoliate away dead skin cells, leaving you with a soft complexion and brighter complexion. It also helps to unclog pores and reduce oil production.

Meanwhile, Lumispa is another type of cleansing tool that aims to do all the above but also reduces pore appearance (just like clarisonic) with its oscillating dense silicone bristles. 

Yet it doesn’t stop there; Lumispa also aims to promote collagen production with its unique silicone bristles. 

Lumispa is the only tool on the market with this design concept, so it is easy to feel that you are getting a lot of value for your money.

Clarisonic VS Lumispa for Dark Spots And Acne Scars

We know Clarisonic to remove dark spots caused by acne, but Lumispa works by gently exfoliating the skin which would not only remove blackheads and whiteheads but also help in removing dark spots in just in one week. 

Clarisonic helps in restoring your skin while Lumispa brightens it. Clarisonic stimulates collagen production, but Lumispa will only work on mature skin with visible fine lines and wrinkles.

We can use Clarisonic daily, but Lumispa features a gentle technology that can get used every day since this does not have any harsh side effects compared to other anti-aging devices out in the market today. 

For these reasons, we cannot even compare Clarisonic with Lumispa.

Clarisonic VS Lumispa Effectiveness

Clarisonic has received negative reviews on sensitive skin because it can irritate the skin while promoting oil production because of its strong exfoliating abilities; whereas Lumispa offers a different way of exfoliating compared to Clarisonic because it gently sloughs away dead skin cells while being less irritating.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the decision to purchase one of these devices will depend on what you need it for. Do you have sensitive skin? If so, the Clarisonic may be a better choice. 

Are you looking for something more affordable and accessible while still guaranteeing quality results? 

Lumispa is your best bet! Whichever product suits your needs best, we hope this article has helped clarify some concerns that would otherwise prevent you from making an informed buying decision. 

Let us know which device (or both!) works best for you in our comments on or by contacting us directly with questions. We’ll get back to as soon as possible!

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