Lime Health Benefits

8 Unexpected Lime Health Benefits That Make It Amazing

When it comes to limes, you may not think much about them, except maybe that they are lovely garnishes for a drink or a meal. Well, you may have to reconsider because there are a lot of lime health benefits that make it absolutely worth it to have a regular part in your daily routine. Let’s go over them!

Lime Health Benefits

Aids Diabetes

lime health benefits for diabetes

According to the American Diabetes Association, limes and other citrus fruits are considered superfoods for diabetes. Mainly, it’s due to the high levels of soluble fiber found in limes. That fiber helps regulate the body’s absorption of sugar into the bloodstream and reduces blood sugar spikes.

But the high vitamin C contents also play a part by lowering blood sugar levels and minimizing spikes.

Prevents Heart Disease

lime health benefits for Heart

That same soluble fiber that helps with diabetes can also lower blood pressure and eliminate “LDL” (bad cholesterol). The soluble fiber also heals inflammation in the blood vessels, which can further lower the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, or strokes.

Treats Congestion

lime health benefits for congestion

The flavonoid-rich oil extracted from limes is mostly used in anti-congestive medicines such as balms, vaporizers, and inhalers. That is thanks to the presence of kaempferol, a natural antioxidant. Just scratching the peel of a lime and inhaling it gives you access to that antioxidant, which can significantly relieve congestion.

Helps With Digestion

lime health benefits for digestion

Lime has acids that help your saliva break down food, which in turn helps ease digestion. Also, the flavonoids, the compounds found in the oils, directly help digestion by increasing the production of digestive juices. These flavonoids also encourage peristaltic motion.

Relieves Constipation

Relieves Constipation

The significant amount of acid present in lime can also help clear the excretory system by effectively “washing” the tracts. The fiber in lime is also helpful in easing constipation. A mixture of lime juice, water, and salt acts as an excellent laxative without any side effects.

Cures Fevers

Cures Fevers

If you’re suffering from a fever, lime, lime juice, or lime water could be a perfect remedy. Citrus fruits, in general, have fever-reducing traits because of the high amounts of vitamin C found in them, which naturally lowers the body’s temperature and strengthening your immune system.

Eye Care

Eye Care

Here is that vitamin C helping again! Its antioxidant properties protect eyes from aging and macular degeneration. Even more so, the lime’s flavonoids help protect them from infections. So, even though limes are not helpful when applied directly to the eyes (AT ALL), they are definitely useful in other ways!

Heals Peptic Ulcer

Heals Peptic Ulcer

The vitamin C in limes, as well as the flavonoids that have antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antibiotic, and detoxifying traits, can energize the healing process of peptic and oral ulcers.


In conclusion, while you may not think much about limes as special, you should give them a second chance. They’re versatile and have a multitude of benefits. So next time you go to grab a fruit (yes, limes are fruits), maybe switch it up and try out a lime!

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