Keranique VS Rogaine

Keranique VS Rogaine: Differences, Similarities & Which One Is Right For You

As you grow older, your hair seems to become finer and begin thinning in certain areas. It appears that you are growing bald which makes you uncomfortable about your appearance and image. 

You want to find a way to have the thick hair you had during childhood. What products are on the market to bring back the hair in those thinning areas? 

Which brand works better on thinning hair? Which brand works better for all hair types? Do these brands have natural ingredients for growing your hair? Which brand has long-term effects on your hair? Which brand works better on damaged hair? Read on to discover the answers to these questions.

Keranique VS Rogaine: Works Better for Women

For many women, thinning hair can be a nightmare. Women wear wigs to alleviate the frustration of seeing their own hair. 

Wigs are fuller and give women the ability to feel confident on the inside that she is looking her best. However, it would be better if women could sport their own thick and full hair if possible. 

Having a regrowth hair care system allows women to grow their own hair back to the fullness they had in their youth. 

Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment For Women has 2% minoxidil, a key ingredient that offers a solution for hair loss. The minoxidil transports oxygen, blood and nutrients to your hair follicles to make them stronger. 

The regrowth treatment product is meant to be used 2 times per day to help with hair growth for women with thinning hair. 

There are some side effects that include: itching or skin rash, acne at the application site, burning scalp, facial hair growth and increased hair loss. Rogaine also uses minoxidil for women who need help with thinning hair. 

While the product works well to regrow hair, there are some serious side effects. 

These include: weight gain, vomiting, upset stomach, fainting, headaches, blurred vision, rapid heartbeat, breathing problems and chest pain. Speak with your physician to see if this product is appropriate for you to use for regrowing your thinning hair. 

Piradi Mimirani M.D from The Permanente Group. says that “the minoxidil helps women grow hair on the top of their head.”

Keranique VS Rogaine: Works Better for Men

Men are also concerned with appearance and thinning hair. There seems to be a bald spot in the center of your head that is just waiting for hair growth. 

Thinning hair for men says that you are growing older, which is difficult for some men to handle. 

Keranique Hair Shampoo can be used daily by men to help with re-energizing your hair follicles. Addressing the issue as early as possible will lead to less hair loss and a hair care system that can keep your hair from falling out in the future. 

Rogaine uses 5% minoxidil for improving hair growth for men. Many successful stories have come from satisfied men who say their hair has grown back thicker and fuller. 

Male customers also say that their hair growth has led to increased confidence in their appearance. 

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Keranique VS Rogaine: For Thinning Hair 

Keranique Scalp Stimulating Shampoo is a sulfate-free Keratin-infused volumizing shampoo for men and women with thinning hair. It is a specialty product with ingredients that address the needs of those losing massive amounts of hair in a short period of time. 

Rogaine works best in people with hereditary hair loss at the vertex of the scalp or the area at the back of the head. just under the crown. It also works best in women who have thinning hair on the top of their scalp. 

The product is not meant for people with receding hairlines or baldness at the front of their scalp.  

Keranique vs Rogaine: Natural Ingredients

Many people look at the labels of hair loss treatment systems to see if they contain any natural ingredients. Minoxidil is one main ingredient that is used by many hair regrowth treatment products. 

But are there other ingredients that would be considered natural?

Keranique only appears to have water as a natural ingredient. Other ingredients include: antioxidants, vitamin H, amino acids, panthenol, and dimethicone which is used as a smoothing agent. The product does not contain sulfates or parabens. , 

Rogaine contains vitamin B7, essential oils, saw palmetto, and biotin. The vitamin B7 helps to increase hair growth. 

Keranique VS Rogaine: Results

Men and women who use hair regrowth treatment want to experience long-term hair growth. It is difficult to have hair loss due to thinning, stress and medications. 

It is even more difficult after using the treatment daily and getting hair regrowth only to lose your hair again. It can be a deflating issue for the person who wants their hair back with increased thickness and fullness. 

Keranique’s 4 piece kit thickens existing hair, strengthens follicles, and encourages the growth of stronger, longer and healthier hair. 

Rogaine says that you will see a difference in your hair growth in up to 120 days. The company offers a 120 day money back guarantee if you do not notice any growth. 

According to the Rogaine website, 85% of men grow hair back within 16 weeks. Your hair will initially grow back as fine hair and then integrate into the type of hair you have. 

Keranique VS Rogaine: Damaged Hair

Damaged hair means less moisture, thinning, frizzing, weakened hair roots and strands and other problems that can be challenging when striving towards a healthy head of hair. 

Do hair regrowth treatment systems work on damaged hair? It is an important issue for the person trying to regrow their hair. 

Keranique Lift and Repair Treatment Spray is designed to add shine and an extra boost to your hair roots and strands. The spray helps with improving the elasticity and fullness of dry, damaged hair by replenishing and nourishing the natural Keratin fibers in your hair. 

Rogaine will not cause permanent growth for your hair. You must continue using the application of the treatment system for continued hair regrowth. Rogaine should not be used on a sunburned, irritated or damaged scalp. 


  • Keranique does promote long term hair growth with its Lift and Repair Treatment Spray. Rogaine does not offer long term growth, but recommends to continue using the product application for hair regrowth. 
  • Keranique says that it will take up to 120 days for growth and has been recommended by a professional doctor who says how the product helps women with baldness on the top of their head. 
  • Rogaine takes up to 16 weeks for men to see hair growth. Keranique offers money back guarantee if their customer does not see hair growth in 120 days.

Now that you know more about the Keranique and Rogaine hair regrowth treatment systems, you can decide which treatment plan will work better for your hair issue. 

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