Earl Grey Health Benefits

7 Amazing Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits

A true juggernaut of the tea world, Earl Grey tea health benefits include a substantial energy boost, improved dental care, detoxification, weight loss, improved heart health, cancer prevention, and more.

The legendary tea masters of ancient china developed the blend to entice foreign traders and heads of state in the early 1800s. As it turns out, the gift of trade and diplomacy was only secondary to a truly magnificent healthy drink. Let’s take a look at 7 Earl Grey tea health benefits that may just surprise you.

Earl Grey Tea Health Benefits

Clean Energy

Clean Energy

One of the greatest Earl Grey tea health benefits is clean energy. Unlike coffee, Earl Grey is widely praised for its soothing energy. The average cup of tea delivers a clean boost without all the side effects of a typical energy drink. Earl Grey contains around 45mg of caffeine compared to the 90 mg that coffee boasts.

Weight Loss

Earl Grey Tea health benefits for weight loss

Earl Grey tea may help you shed those pounds/kilos. It has a profound effect on your metabolism due to the citrus oil found in the rind of the Bergamot orange. The rind is known for increasing metabolic efficiency and preventing cholesterol absorption.

In short, Earl Grey tea helps your body process what you eat into energy more efficiently.

Better Digestion

Earl Grey Tea health benefits for digestion

As explained above, Earl Grey tea helps boost your metabolism, having a positive overall effect on your digestive system. The magic seems to be found in the Bergamot flavanoids which are said to combat inflammation.

Theaflavins, also found in Bergamot, are believed to stave off stomach ulcers and other problems related to digestion.

Cancer Prevention

Earl Grey Tea health benefits for cancer

That’s right, Earl Grey tea health benefits include cancer prevention. You may have heard about free radicals, not the crazy kids that hang out on the corner, the little cell-destroying atoms that cause all kinds of disease and deterioration in the human body.

Cancer is just one of the diseases the tea helps to protect your body from. Earl Grey tea is loaded with antioxidants that neutralize those atoms, in effect, putting a stop to the damage caused by common lifestyle factors.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

Having a hard time with yellow teeth and gum health? Earl Grey tea promotes great oral health. The tea contains a load of special antioxidants known as Catechins. These helpful antioxidant flavonoids fight off oral infections.

Earl Grey also contains fluoride which is said to aid in cavity prevention. To reap the full dental benefits, it’s probably wise to avoid adding sugar or other sweeteners.

Anxiety & Depression

Fights Anxiety & Depression

If you’re feeling stressed and a panic attack is just around the corner, how about a nice cup of tea? Back to Bergamot; this wonderful citrus fruit, responsible for the unique flavor of Earl Grey tea, has been known to induce a sense of calm and elevate mood.

Maybe it’s the simple exercise of slowing down long enough to brew a proper cup of tea, maybe it’s the exercise of enjoying it. Either way, One thing is clear, a cup of Earl Grey might just chase your doldrums away.

Proper Hydration 

Promotes Proper Hydration

If everything we’ve covered isn’t enough, here’s the kicker… Earl Grey tea keeps your body hydrated! It’s not just the water, Earl Grey comes packed with Potassium which helps to regulate hydration levels in the body.


So, the verdict is in, the Earl Grey tea health benefits are clear, adding a cup or 2 to your daily diet can help to keep your body well in many different ways. And it’s not at all a burden, Earl Grey is delicious when prepared correctly. So drink up!

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