Colloidal Gold Benefits

9 Colloidal Gold Benefits: Fascinating And Powerful

Colloidal gold is something that’s being talked about by many beauty experts lately. It raised a lot of skepticism too, but that’s to be expected. Water with gold can benefit your health? Huh? But colloidal gold benefits have proven themselves to be true.

Let’s go over them and see what they do and why.

What Is Colloidal Gold

But first, let’s see what is colloidal gold. Basically, through a chemical process called colloidal suspension, tiny gold particles are dispersed and suspended in water. And when we say tiny, we mean less than 100 nanometers tiny.

For reference, 100 nanometers equals 0.000010 centimeters, or 0.000004 inches.

After stabilization, you get water with perfectly suspended microscopic gold particles dispersed inside it. You now have colloidal gold.

What Is Colloidal Gold2

The water can then be consumed or applied to the skin, and the extremely tiny (understatement) gold particles will penetrate through cells and then provide their benefits. Now let’s see what they are.

Colloidal Gold Benefits & Uses

By far, the thing colloidal gold benefits the most is the skin. As we mentioned above, the gold particles penetrate easily through cells to provide their benefits. And they do so the best with skin cells.

Colloidal Gold Skin Benefits

So, colloidal gold mainly benefits the skin by stimulating and fortifying it with antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory support. Yes, you read that right.

Gold, because of its purity and biocompatibility (meaning, it’s compatible with living tissue) has widely recognized medicinal properties—namely, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial.

So the gold particles penetrate the skin on a cellular level, where they are then taken and stored by the body in cells, due to its biocompatibility.

Then, once they’re stored inside a cell, they inhibit bacteria and viruses and block reactive processes that produce inflammations.

That means colloidal gold can help treat, as well as prevent, acne, eczema, fungal infections, skin burns, random inflammations, and much more.

Aging & Elasticity

Colloidal Gold Skin Benefits 1

Because the gold penetrates so deeply and interconnects with cells, it can also stimulate as well as activate “tired” and dormant cells. By doing so, it bolsters up and strengthens your entire complexion from inside.

That means more elasticity and a more youthful look!

Treats & Prevents Sun Damage

So let’s say you’ve already been damaged by the sun. Now the melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) in your skin need to amp up melanin production to heal the damage.

You get where this is going. By stimulating and activating new cells, the gold helps melanocytes create more melanin, thus significantly increasing the healing process.

Also, it prevents sun damage in general because by having more activated cells that produce more melanin, you essentially have a bigger wall against the damaging UV rays.

Think of it like an armor and health bar in a video game, the more melanin you have, the bigger your armor bar is. The UV rays constantly attack and lower your melanin, and once it’s too low to protect you, they start attacking your health bar.

Colloidal Gold Skin Benefits

Which, on a serious note, once UV radiation gets to the “health” bar, it actually starts to damage DNA, which has been correlated with skin cancer, immune system suppression, and more.

Enhances Penetration Of Beauty Products

In addition to everything we mentioned colloidal gold benefits directly, it also benefits indirectly. By stimulating new cells, it essentially improves the effectiveness of other products.

So if you’re using products to help your acne/wrinkles/birthmarks/whatever else, you can trust that they will absorb better and have a more powerful effect when more cells take them in.

Colloidal Gold Benefits For Arthritis & Swollen Joints

So we’ve mentioned how colloidal gold benefits the skin by penetrating cells then preventing inflammations and inhibiting bacteria, but it doesn’t stop there.

Colloidal gold can penetrate all the way into the joints and keep inflammations under control. Now notice, we said under control. That is because colloidal gold won’t repair any existing damage, according to UW Orthopedics.

But it can reduce further swelling and inflammations, thus keeping things, especially pain, under control.

Colloidal Gold Benefits For Brain

When it comes to benefits for the brain, things are a bit murkier. There’s just not enough information at this point in time.

It is safe to ingest (make sure yours has an FDA approval) and the gold particles will reach your bloodstream, but it is unclear if they will pass the blood-brain barrier, which is basically the brain’s protective system against foreign elements.

Still, people do report benefits such as a decrease in stress, depression, and anxiety. There’s also reports of improvement in certain neurological and nervous system conditions. In theory, that is due to an increase in activated neurotransmitters.

It might also have benefits for the gut and other bodily systems it interacts with, but again, due to lack of research, we can’t say for sure.

Trying for yourself and watching the results is a good idea, just make sure to check for an FDA approval, as well as the appropriate dosage.

Colloidal Gold Spiritual Benefits

Colloidal Gold Spiritual Benefits

Gold, in general, is very popular in the spiritual world. It symbolizes the sun, the purity of the spiritual realm, and it’s mentioned many times for being “the master healer”.

Thus, it’s no surprise that colloidal gold is said to have spiritual benefits nowadays.

People report higher levels of consciousness, better mood, improved intelligence, deeper states of meditation, and even help in alcohol and drug addiction.

Colloidal Gold For Cancer

As with many of colloidal gold benefits, extensive research is yet to be done. But there has been some experimentation with cancer and its proven to be beneficial. Mainly in increasing the effectiveness of cancer treatments.

This could be because colloidal gold stimulates and strengthens the cells that cancer may attack, but more research needs to be done. If you’re interested in this subject, check this study.

Colloidal Gold For Dogs

Colloidal Gold For Dogs

While this is not a pet health website, we thought some people would be interested to know if colloidal gold would be beneficial for their dogs. And the answer is yes. The biocompatibility of gold means it’s fine for any living being.

So the anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties of colloidal gold may help your dog too. But since we’re still not an authority on pet health, we recommend you talk with a veterinarian first.

Colloidal Gold Side Effects

Colloidal gold side effects are basically nonexistent, gold is safe for the body, and the only other element is water. The only two things you should watch out for are:

  • Gold Allergy: Some people may experience skin rashes due to an allergic reaction. Always test on a patch of skin first.
  • Gold Toxicity: Over consumption may lead to diarrhea, dermatitis, eosinophilia, and more. Always use responsibly.

These are basically all the colloidal gold dangers, with responsible use you should experience no problems at all.

Colloidal Gold Dosage

The colloidal gold dosage you should take depends solely on the product that you’ve purchased. It’s usually 2-5ml once or twice a day, but always check the label for exact instructions.

How To Make Colloidal Gold

If you’re looking for how to make colloidal gold at home, you’re going to be disappointed. Unless you have a makeshift lab and some chemistry knowledge.

If you’re still interested, colloidal gold is made with the Bredig’s arc method (electro dispersion) in which an electric arc is struck between two electrodes of gold.

How To Make Colloidal Gold
Electric Arc

The extreme heat causes the gold to vaporize, and it is then quickly cooled down in an ice bath, causing it to condense into an electrolyte. The result is water filled with countless suspended 100-nanometer particles of gold.

Colloidal Gold vs Monoatomic Gold

Colloidal Gold vs Monoatomic Gold

A colloid is a phase in which a substance is microscopically dispersed in another substance. The gold is still practically gold, just broken down to microscopic size (less than 100 nanometers).

Monoatomic, or monatomic, on the other hand, is when a substance consists of just one atom. Mono in greek numerals is one. Which means monoatomic gold is a single atom of gold (element 79, Au), it is no longer metal but a form of carbon.

The benefit of monoatomic gold is that the body absorbs it more easily due to its atomic size.


So colloidal gold is definitely a fascinating product. I mean, gold particles that penetrate your cells and provide health benefits. Sounds straight out of a sci-fi movie.

Since the side effects are so little, you can comfortably try it out and see if it works for you. Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

And if you’re looking for another unique colloidal way to stay healthy, check out our article about colloidal platinum.

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