How To Fall Asleep Fast

How To Fall Asleep Fast: Tips, Essential Oils & Remedies

How to fall asleep fast is a popular topic. Everyone occasionally has trouble sleeping, but when it becomes a habit it starts taking a serious toll on your health and quality of life.

You need a certain level of deep, uninterrupted sleep to help your body do its essential maintenance during the night. And if you don’t get it then you definitely will suffer.

Research has shown that an amazing 64% of us have a bad night’s sleep at least once a week! And nearly one in five of adults has problems sleeping every night of the week and one in three is getting only three to six hours a night.

The main reason for sleep difficulties is usually down to anxiety and stress. And sadly, most people just put up with it, laying there hoping to eventually fall asleep.

So here are six simple tips that can help.

How To Fall Asleep Fast Tips

  1. Pretend you’re a child again and have a regular, enforced, bedtime.
  2. Establish a healthy routine that will help you unwind and relax before bed – instead of watching an adrenaline fuelled movie or YouTube videos, try a book, a relaxing bath (perhaps add some essential oils) or quietly meditating and being grateful for the day. It will help you let go of the stress of the day and get into a sleep mindset.
  3. Keep the last hour of the day completely non tech. No TV, no computer, phone, or tablet. However pleasurable, these will all over stimulate your brain and that’s the last thing you need.
  4. Make your bedroom a relaxing place that is just where you sleep. Avoid keeping books, computers, or a TV.
  5. If your worries are keeping you awake, try writing them down before you go to sleep and tell yourself they are documented and will be taken care in the morning. Just doing this will help you put anxiety to rest for the night.
  6. Spend some time and thought in making your bedroom a really calm, comforting sanctuary. It is your retreat from the world so make it a real pleasure to be in there. Fairy lights, blackout curtains, a diffuser, perhaps even a white noise machine.
  7. Get a good pillow. I would recommend good sheets too, but you don’t realize how important a pillow is until you put your head on a pillow with good filling (memory foam/other stuffings) and a cotton pillowcase.

I know these might be tempting to not follow. You wanna watch netflix in bed, and stay on your phone until the last second of the day. You don’t want to write down thoughts and meditate.

But just try these things for one week, I assure you that once you see the difference and the shift in quality of life, you won’t ever go back. Now let’s go over one more thing that might help, essential oils.

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Best Essential Oils For Sleep

best essential oils for sleep

If you’re still having trouble, before resorting to sleeping pills, try this natural way to encourage a good night’s sleep. Essential oils. I use them to combat the effects of heavy storms which often make me anxious or distracted.

They’re the best answer to how to fall asleep fast if everything else isn’t working for you.


Lavender is very soothing, it eases anxiety and stress, and overall has has a wonderful aroma. Try having a lavender oil bath, or add some to your diffuser before going to bed to feel the effects.

Valerian & Hops

These two essential oils have been traditionally used to help sleep for generations. They are particularly helpful if your sleeplessness is due to anxiety and worry. Again, add some to a warm bath, or to your bedside diffuser.


Amber essential oil has a unique smell and unique properties. One of them being helping sleep. Unlock the amazing benefits of Amber Essential Oil with “9 Great Amber Essential Oil Benefits For The Mind & Body” in detail.

Other Natural Remedies For Sleep

how to fall asleep fast 1


Honey is popularly used in India for sleep. It stimulates the production of tryptophan, an amino acid that makes melatonin, an important sleep hormone. Just add two teaspoons to a cup of hot water and drink before bedtime.


As mentioned in the previous remedy, melatonin is a sleep hormone secreted by the pineal gland. It helps regulate the body’s biological clock. When your sleep pattern is disturbed the rhythm is thrown off and supplementing with melatonin may help.

Valerian Root

As mentioned in the essential oil section, valerian root is great for easing anxiety and worry, which play a major role in sleep problems. But you can also take valerian in pill form, it’s a completely natural plant supplement that does wonders.

Lavender Oil For Sleep & More

how to fall asleep fast lavender oil

By far the best oil for sleep is lavender. It truly does wonders for anxiety, stress, and depression. I thought I would go over how versatile it can be and how useful it is if you’re on a tight budget and limited in what essential oil to try.

Let’s start with sleep. Trials at the Radcliffe hospital in Oxford showed that patients who were offered a bath with lavender oil in it, or inhaling the oil before bedtime were able to dispense with sleeping tablets -and their side effects.

If you have been bitten by an insect, apply some lavender oil onto the bite (it works just as well on spots or boils). You can also mix it with a base oil such as almond or grapeseed and massage it in to relieve aches and pains in your muscles.

I am a great at burning myself on the oven or the iron, I just apply the oil straight onto the burn and it takes the heat out and prevents a blister from forming.

If you often lose focus, it can help. As I work on a computer, I find myself ‘spacing out’ and losing focus and rubbing some lavender oil on my wrists, inhaling it, or diffusing it helps clear my head. It also works if you’re just feeling down all of a sudden.

For headaches just put a couple of drops on each index finger and gently rub into the indentation on either side of your forehead, just above your eyebrows. But make sure you keep well away from your eyes – no rubbing them after you put the oil on!

Remember with essential oils, you tend to get what you pay for so the cheaper the oil the less active ingredient are likely to be in there. It really pays to buy organic.

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