Korean Citron Tea Benefits

10 Citron Tea Benefits That Make It Savory & Powerful

Citron, also known as Buddha’s hand, is one strange-looking fruit. Some simply look like a deformed lemon, while some look like a weird mix between a lemon and a squid. But citron tea benefits the body in ways lemons do not.

So if you didn’t know, citron is actually the great-granddaddy of all lemons. It is the original lemon that was then taken by botanists and bred into the perfect looking one we know today.

And while it seems like it should just have all of lemon’s benefits, just in an uglier package. Citron tea benefits are more vast and potent, perhaps because the fruit didn’t lose much of its natural components in order to maximize juice and looks.

It’s said to have 2.3x more vitamin C than raw lemon juice!

Korean citron tea, or Yuja tea, is also a traditional drink that’s been in Korean culture for over 100 years. They use it for treating coughs, sore throats, common colds, seasickness, and more. Let’s go further into the benefits and find out why.

Citron Tea Properties

Citron Tea Benefits

Strengthens The Immune System

Citron Tea Benefits The Immune System

Vitamin C is well known for strengthening the immune system. It is a powerful vitamin that is also a potent antioxidant. So it’s no wonder that citron tea, known for having incredible amounts of it, has this benefit.

It can help you fight off a virus or infection or avoid disease altogether by fortifying the body’s systems.

Blood Circulation

The vitamins and minerals in citron tea can help restore and improve blood circulation. Decreasing the chances of future cardiovascular problems.

Improves Metabolism

Citron Tea Improves Metabolism

Korean citron tea benefits metabolism by balancing hormones and stimulating the digestive system. The acidity of the citron will also aid your stomach acids. Resulting in less indigestion, bloating, and heartburn.

It makes an excellent tea for people struggling with weight loss as it will overall improve the movement of food through your digestive system, leading to more smooth and consistent bathroom visits.

Healthier Skin

Citron Benefits For Skin

Because of its antioxidants, minerals, and high vitamin C content, citron tea also plays a role in maintaining healthy skin. It will actively fight inflammation, curing and preventing acne.

It will also perform as an anti-aging agent, keeping your youthful face for longer. Maybe that’s the secret of Koreans!

Strengthens Bones

As we mentioned in the properties of citron tea, it contains Iron and Calcium. Both powerful minerals for the bones. If you do intensive sport or would just like an insurance for healthy bones as you age, a daily cup of citron tea is a tasty and good way to go.

Sore Throats & Coughs

Citron Benefits Sore Throats Coughs

Other than actively fighting the disease and strengthening the immune system. Citron tea benefits sore throats and coughs by coating the throat with a protective film of (a type of) mucilage.

That is because the tea traditionally contains honey, which, combined with the citron, makes for this effect.

Other Citron Tea Benefits

These are some of the benefits that don’t really have explanations but have tried and true experiences behind them.

  • Relieves headaches
  • Fights skin discoloration
  • Soothes seasickness
  • Fights the flu


We can start to understand why Korean citron tea stood the test of time. I mean, if something lasts for over 100 years, it must be useful in some way. And it definitely is.

Citron tea benefits are plentiful, and the taste (if you haven’t had it yet) is absolutely amazing. Grab a mug, and enjoy your tea.

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