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10 Absolutely Powerful Spirulina Benefits

If you’re looking for a natural supplement that is absolutely packed with different nutrients, spirulina is definitely one to consider. It is a type of microbe that comes from algae, and while that might sound off-putting, spirulina benefits are endless.

The Aztecs (1,300-1,521) were known to use spirulina as a nutritional staple for centuries; they would collect the green algae by boat, dry it in the sun, then mix it with foods, bread, or even just consume it directly with water to keep up strength during long runs.

Spirulina consists of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants; it is highly beneficial for your body’s overall health and has been proven to be in multiple studies over the years (if you don’t just trust the Aztecs).

Today we’ll go over the benefits of spirulina to hopefully give you a better understanding of this remarkable natural supplement.

Spirulina Health Benefits

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

sugar levels

Spirulina can effectively control diabetes. One study showed that a daily 2-gram dosage of spirulina leads to an impressive decrease in blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

Stronger Immune System

immune system

A strong immune system is something you should strive to sustain your entire life. Your immune system acts as a shield against the various infections and diseases out there. You want your shield to be strong, especially as you age.

Spirulina improves the function of immune cells in our bodies. This, in turn, helps the body build a more robust immune system. It also increases the production of antibodies, infection-fighting proteins, and other helpful hormones.

And it is also loaded with several nutrients and proteins, thus providing energy to the body, which also helps the immune system stay strong.

It’s an amazing discovery and puts spirulina as one of, if not the best natural supplement for treating diabetes. Long term usage can lower the risk of diabetes-related death by 15-27%.

Lowers Blood Pressure

spirulina benefits for blood pressure

Abnormal blood pressure can lead to severe diseases and catastrophic results, and generally affects your overall health.

Fortunately, spirulina is also useful in controlling blood pressure. This is because it promotes the release of nitric oxide, a compound in the body responsible for widening your blood vessels and stimulating the release of other hormones that affect the vessels’ health.

Fights Cancer

anti cancer

Spirulina might contain anti-cancer properties that can significantly help reduce cancer cells. Some animal studies proved that spirulina could reduce cancer occurrence and tumor size. And a study done on humans with precancerous lesions showed a 38% decrease in lesions. Still, more studies are needed for this to be conclusive.

In addition, research involving patients suffering from oral submucous fibrosis also showed exciting results.

Allergic Rhinitis Relief

spirulina benefits for allergies

Allergic rhinitis is a type of nose inflammation that makes the immune system overreact to certain allergens such as dust, pollen, animal hair, etc.

Spirulina supplements are incredibly useful in reducing such overreactions. According to a study, people who consumed spirulina experienced a reduction in symptoms like sneezing, itching, and nasal discharges.

Lowers Cholesterol

spirulina for cholesterol

Bad cholesterol (LDL) is a major cause of heart attacks, strokes, and various artery diseases. Therefore, reducing LDL and promoting good cholesterol (HDL) is extremely important, but may seem impossible.

Spirulina is said to have the ability to affect this. A study done in 2010 found 8 grams daily for 12 weeks to reduce total serum cholesterol, LDL fraction, and triglyceride levels,

Fights Anemia


Anemia is a deficiency of hemoglobin in red blood cells, it causes fatigue, general weakness, headaches, and more, and it’s very common in seniors, accounting for approximately 10% of people over age 65.

Spirulina has been found to increase the hemoglobin content of red blood cells as well as improve general immune function.

Helps Muscle Fatigue & Growth

spirulina benefits for muscles

Muscle fatigue is yet another common health issue, especially for people who are constantly doing physical activities. Professional athletes are obviously the most affected by these problems, and many actually use spirulina in their pre-workout shakes.

That is because spirulina consists of certain antioxidant properties that were found to reduce the impact of muscle fatigue.

Prevents Oxidative Stress

spirulina benefits for oxidative stress

Oxidative stress is a severe health complication that occurs when there is an imbalance between free radicals (molecules) in the body’s cells compared to antioxidants.

It is a serious condition and should be appropriately diagnosed by a doctor. It can cause chronic inflammation, which increases the risk of cancer, memory loss, fatigue, muscle pain, and more.

While spirulina is most likely not going to be the sole solution for this problem, it has a major component called Phycocyanin. This component reduces the impact of oxidative stress and acts as an antioxidant.

Better Digestion

spirulina benefits for digestion

The proper functioning of the digestive system is extremely important for the entire body’s smooth functioning. It affects things like our weight (obviously), our immune system, and even our mood!

People of almost all age groups face different problems with digestion. Spirulina can help with these digestive problems. It contains chlorophyll, which helps regularize the digestive system and make for easier “passage.”

It also contains properties that stimulate good bacteria in your gut and boost your body’s absorption of nutrients.


spirulina benefits

So now that we went over all of the spirulina health benefits, we start to understand why the Aztecs loved it so much. It is tremendously beneficial to the body, and even if you’re not suffering from a specific condition, it will still help keep your body healthy and strong.

This blue-green algae is available in various forms, such as capsules, powders, juices, and tablets. You can eat, drink, and even swallow a spoonful of it directly (although we don’t recommend that) and still get all the health benefits.

It could be beneficial for children, and even dogs! Just be sure to check the dosages carefully for each use. You don’t want anyone to get sick!

So that’s all for spirulina. If you’re looking for more natural supplements that have a bunch of health benefits, check out our article about maca root types and their benefits.

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