The Ultimate Essential Oil Recipe Book: 130+ Blends

Essential oils can do so much, but you need to know how to use them! The Nifty Wellness team gathered 4 essential oil experts to put together 130+ unique blends, each one for a different use. From acne to allergies, from asthma to energy. And with each recipe, a guide on how to use it, and why it works. You won’t find these recipes anywhere else online.

What You'll Get

Exclusive Recipes

Recipes that were crafted by professionals and can't be found anywhere else.


You'll find a recipe for almost anything! Energy, mindfulness, hair growth, fruit flies, hiccups, etc. etc.


You won't just find recipes, but explanations for each recipe. You'll find out how each essential oil in each blend works for each specific cause.


With each recipe you'll get 2-4 effective ways to use it, be it blending with jojoba oil and rubbing, or diluting with water and using a spray bottle. You'll know exactly how.

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